What is mature skin?

Aging is something we quickly see in the condition of the skin. As we age, the elasticity of the skin decreases. This results in sagging skin. Fortunately, with the right skin care you can slow down this process.

How do you recognize mature skin?

Over the years, the skin becomes thinner. This is a natural process. You can recognize the more mature skin by the weaker skin. Pigmentation spots, dry spots and wrinkles can develop. The skin can also look duller and irritated more quickly. Wrinkles and crow's feet can form around the eyes. And where the skin had volume in the younger years and could easily bounce back, this decreases as we get older.

What causes mature skin?

The cause of the more mature skin has to do with the passage of time. As we age, cells renew less quickly and less collagen is produced. This is reflected in the volume and condition of the skin. The skin becomes thinner, weaker and drier.

Sun damage and exposure to factors such as stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can accelerate the aging process.

How do you prevent a more mature skin?

To prevent and/or partially remedy the sagging of the skin, it is important to start taking proper care of the skin when you are young. Apply sunscreen, avoid stress where you can and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will see this reflected in radiant healthy skin.

If you already have a more mature skin, you can use rosehip oil. This oil promotes the elasticity of the skin. In addition, use mild products to cleanse the skin and do not forget to apply sunscreen every day. This way you prevent pigmentation spots and keep your skin supple and healthy for as long as possible.

Important for mature skin

  • Take care of the skin with mild care
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Use a nourishing oil that promotes skin elasticity

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