What is dry skin?

Most of us have experienced dry skin. On the body or on the face. The skin then feels dry, tight and in some cases even painful. This can be very annoying. With the right care, the skin can be regained suppleness and balance.

Non-drying oils are best used for dry skin. The oil keeps the skin supple and in good condition.

How do you recognize dry facial skin?

You can recognize dry facial skin by the dry feeling that the skin causes. The skin is often sensitive and sometimes even flaky. The dry patches can cause itching. This skin type produces little sebum and is dehydrated. If you have a tight feeling after taking a shower and not immediately rubbing your skin, then you have dry skin. Your skin requires extra nutrition and restoration of the moisture balance of the skin.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin can have many causes. Predisposition can be one of the causes. In that case, the skin does not naturally produce enough sebum to make the skin supple. Another reason could be age. As we age, the skin produces less sebum. Showering or bathing too hot and for too long, cleaning with too aggressive and soapy products can all cause dry skin.

As well as the weather. People with dry skin will no doubt recognize the difference in summer versus winter dryness. In winter, many people suffer from dry skin more often. This is because the air in the house is often drier because the heating is on. The latter can partly be remedied by ensuring good humidity.

Furthermore, good skin care is essential. It prevents the unpleasant feeling of dry skin and any skin problems that can arise as a result of the dryness.

How do you prevent dry skin?

It is best to take care of dry skin with a mild cleanser that ensures that the skin's own fats are preserved. Cleaning with a soapy - foaming - product is too aggressive for dry skin. This makes the skin even drier. Instead, opt for a mild cleanser. Face oil works well for this. The oil can remove make-up in a mild way.

An oil is also suitable for nourishing the skin. For dry facial skin, a non-drying oil works fine. For example, choose or castor oil. This oil is anti-inflammatory and is also antibacterial and anti-itching. Extra nice for dry skin that feels tight.

For the body, you can also use a body butter to keep the skin supple. For both the body and the facial skin, it is best to apply it soon after showering. Preferably on towel dry skin. This way you lock in the moisture in the skin and the skin remains supple for longer.

Important for dry skin
  • Remove make up with an oil
  • Keep away from harsh, perfumed, soapy products
  • Take care of the skin with a non-drying oil

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