Recipe Vegan Lipscrub - Bye Bye Dry Lips

Dry lips. Sometimes you have those days when it doesn't matter how many layers of lip balm you apply: your lips stay bone dry. First of all, always remember to drink plenty of water. A lack of moisture can cause your skin and therefore also your lips to endure a lot. If you want to give your lips a little something extra after drinking those two liters of water, consider a homemade lip scrub. With only two ingredients you have a nice product for the softest lips. If you don't like the smell of shea butter, you can replace it with mango butter. Mango butter is just as nourishing as shea butter, but has a much milder scent. You hit two birds with one stone with this recipe. With the fine sugar you remove the dry skins from your lips in a very mild way and with the shea or mango butter you give your lips a soft and well-groomed feeling. Both butters are full of vitamins A and E that soften and moisturize the skin. What do you need:

How to make the lip scrub: Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl until you have a smooth mass. Make sure that the sugar does not dissolve in the butter.

How to use the scrub: Apply the mixture generously to your lips and scrub your lips with your finger for 1 minute. Do not use a toothbrush at all, this can be too intense. After a minute, wipe off the scrub with a cotton pad and wash your lips with lukewarm water. Finally, apply your favorite lip balm, or a little shea or mango butter to your lips.

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