What is sensitive skin?

A sensitive skin reacts quickly to external influences. As a result, the skin becomes out of balance and skin problems arise. With this skin type it is extra important to keep a close eye on the reaction of the skin. With the right care products, the skin can be made resilient and remain well balanced.

How do you recognize sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin reacts quickly to external influences. Think of heat, cold, drought, high humidity or, for example, the sun. For example, the skin can become red. The skin feels tight and therefore itches quickly. Does your skin react quickly to weather changes

What causes sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can have various causes. Often the skin is already sensitive by nature and more people in the family have sensitive skin. High levels of stress, a poor diet and/or lifestyle, medication and hormone changes can all cause sensitive skin.

How do you prevent sensitive skin?

Cleanse sensitive skin with a mild facial cleanser. This prevents the skin from becoming irritated by aggressive ingredients. An oil can help to make and keep the skin resilient. It is important to check whether your skin responds well to the oil. Sensitive skins can also react to all-natural products. Therefore, always do a patch test in, for example, the inside of your elbow. Smear a little oil there. If you don't have a response after 24 hours, you can safely use the oil.

Preferably also remove make-up with an oil. This is a mild way of cleansing the skin. Sensitive skin can also be nourished very well with an oil. Choose an oil with skin-specific properties. Jojoba oil is such an oil. This oil has sebum-regulating properties and ensures that your skin is well hydrated. It also has a soothing and firming effect. You can use the oil for your facial skin, but also for your body and to remove make-up.

Important for sensitive skin

  • Remove make up with an oil
  • Check whether the skin responds well to oils
  • Keep away from harsh, perfumed, soapy products

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